Organic Lawn Care Services in Miami

Clean Air Lawn Care MooseClean Air lawn Care in Miami is the sustainable, organic answer to your current lawn company’s environmentally-questionable practices. Mariana’s Clean Air team introduced organic lawn care in Palmetto Bay, Coral Gables, Pine Crest and Coconut Grove neighborhoods near Miami, FL by using only equipment run on renewable resources! Going all-natural, we mounted solar panels on Clean Air Lawn Care Miami trucks to eliminate noisy, stinky, pollution producing gas lawn mowers in favor of clean, solar electric lawn mowing. Our sustainable lawn care practices mean we use all-natural, organic fertilizers to control weeds and promote the growth of a lawn that’s healthy, beautiful, and safe for your family.

Organic Lawn Care in Miami – Delivers Great Results

Lawn Care in Miami - Mowing in Coral Gables and Pine Crest

Green grass icon - professional lawn care in miamiCore Sustainable Lawn Care in Miami

Clean, Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing – Accessible turf areas are mowed with sustainable electric and biodiesel powered equipment. Grass clippings are mulched when possible, composted on site, or removed to an organic waste recycling center. More …

Organic Lawn Treatment Programs – Organic fertilizers establish and maintain beautiful lawns using earth-friendly and family-healthy methods. More …

Yard, Spring & Fall Clean-up – Yard clean-up and blowing services tidy up lawns, sidewalks, patios, porches and driveways. More …

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careAdditional Healthy & Organic Lawn Care

  • Bush Trimming, Shrub Pruning
  • Commercial Lawn Care
  • Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Mulching
  • Overseeding
  • Thatching
  • Topdressing