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Our lawn mowers run on the environmentally friendly energy of solar power. Our Miami lawn mowing and grass cutting service aims to eliminate air and noise pollution throughout the area, including the communities of Coral Gables, Pinecrest, and Coconut Grove. In addition to running on renewable energy, electric lawn mowers from Clean Air Lawn Care don’t produce loud whirring noises like gas equipment. Our lawn mowing service is the quietest in the Miami area thanks to our solar-powered electric mowers! When the job is too big for our solar powered lawn mowers, Clean Air Lawn Care of Miami stays green with biodiesel mowers, wind-powered charging stations, and carbon offsets.

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The electric push mowers that we use for Miami lawn mowing in smaller backyards across Coral Gables, Pinecrest and Coconut Grove are powered by solar panels on our trucks, while our larger ride-on mowers use biodiesel. Back at our shop, our equipment is recharged using wind generated energy.

Buying credits from is how we make up for any additional energy we spend. We realize this isn’t the easiest way to mow lawns in Miami, but it also means our emissions equal zero and we make a difference in your community’s carbon footprint.

Gas fueled lawn mowers continue to plague the environment in too many neighborhoods, both here in Miami and throughout the country. These machines pollute the air with hydrocarbons and are loud and obnoxious. The EPA is as concerned as we are, estimating that 54 million gas mowers are used per week, resulting in 5-10% of air pollution in the US and consuming 800 million gallons of gas every year.

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careCoventional Gas Powered Lawn Mowers Aren’t Clean

Using fossil fuels in mowers is messy, loud, and unsustainable. America’s air pollution is directly affected by gas powered lawn mowers and Clean Air Lawn Care of Miami hates seeing our cities polluted.

Reach out to Clean Air Lawn Care for lawn mowing and grass cutting in the Miami, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, and Coconut Grove area that’s professional, customizable, and environmentally conscious.

During one hour of lawn mowing, a gas-powered engine produces the same amount of pollution as 40 older cars  and the same ground-level ozone hydrocarbons as an SUV driven for 23,600 miles, according to the EPA. These emissions are 93 times the amount produced by 2006 cars.


  • Gas mowers can potentially cause hearing damage, running at 100 decibels of noise. The human ear can only handle 90 decibels.
  • More 580 millions of gas are consumed by lawn mowers alone.
  • Landfills are overflowing with grass clippings; mowing a 1000 square foot lawn generates 300 pounds of excess clippings, which could be recycled or used for mulching.
  • Standard lawn mowing practices can promote weed growth, as well as wasting water and burning grass.
  • Children playing in a traditionally maintained backyard lawn could be exposed to chemicals in pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. These damaging materials can also seep into groundwater.

Sun icon to represent solar-powered mowing.Environmentally Responsible Lawn Mowing

  • An electric mower can reduce hydrocarbons by 3,300 times, CO by 5,000 times, and NOx by four-fifths compared to gas lawn mowers.
  • We reduce emissions by zero with solar-powered renewable energy.
  • Lower machine noises by 50 – 70% with electric equipment.

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