Coral Gables Lawn Care

Do you have a lawn in the Coral Gables area that needs attention from a professional lawn care company? Clean Air Lawn Care hates dry, unhealthy grass! We want to help your lawn thrive with sustainable mowing practices and organic lawn treatments for homes across the Coral Gables area.

Clean Air Lawn Care is proud to use all natural components in its fertilizers, meaning we don’t douse your yard in harmful pesticides. Our practices are built around your family’s health and safety while you are outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. Your yard is your personal space, something that should be built around your comfort and pride as a homeowner. By working with Clean Air Lawn Care in Coral Gables, you receive clean and responsible lawn care that gets your grass looking absolutely luscious.

Our Coral Gables lawn care service uses solar power for all our lawn mowers, significantly reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Because our solar-powered lawn mowers produce zero emissions, our company can help keep the air in your neighborhood clean and the grass in your yard fresher than ever. Rather than depending on industrial horticultural practices, Clean Air Lawn Care combines cutting edge technology with age old gardening techniques to help your lawn reach its peak health and greenness.

In addition to sticking with eco friendly lawn care practices in Coral Gables, Clean Air also cuts back on noisy, annoying equipment. Solar-powered machinery means no loud diesel whirring on your property. Take a nap while we work without needing earplugs—and awake to your newly refreshed yard.

To find out more about lawn care services in the Coral Gables area from Clean Air Lawn Care, get a free estimate or call us at 305-318-0039.