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Organic Lawn Care And Clean Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing

Clean Air Lawn Care MooseMiami is home to Clean Air Lawn Care, an organic lawn care service committed to reducing the environmental impact of traditional lawn care throughout the area, including Coral Gables, Pinecrest, and Coconut Grove.

Clean Air Lawn Care Miami specializes in the use of organic lawn care tools and practices for both residential and commercial projects. We only use organic fertilizer, as well as solar-powered lawn mowers and other equipment. These Earth-friendly practices create naturally healthy and vibrant lawns, without hurting the environment or your family with nasty chemicals and pesticides.
Our lawn care equipment runs on either solar-powered electricity or biodiesel fuel, leaving no trace of environmentally harmful byproducts common in gas powered lawn mowers or other machines. We’re proud to feature solar panels on top of every Clean Air Lawn Care truck that charge equipment on-site. Clean Air Lawn Care also specializes in environmentally safe fertilizers, proven to work effectively on a wide variety of lawns. Our organic lawn care and maintenance in the Miami area will leave your property beautiful and safe for the family, as well as the natural world.

Our clients can relax as we cut their grass with quiet electrical mowers and apply our environmentally safe fertilizers. We’re not afraid to put in the hard work necessary to maintain a beautiful lawn for our customers in Miami and the surrounding areas.

Put your trust in an experienced Miami organic lawn care and maintenance company, one that is conscious of its environmental impact on the world.

You Deserve A Healthy, Safe, And Natural Lawn

Healthy Lawn Care Services

Clean Air Lawn Care Lawn Care Services
Lawn CareAs Miami’s premiere professional and organic lawn care providers, Clean Air Lawn Care offers full-service, environmentally friendly yard maintenance. Our lawn care and fertilization services include both a premade lawn treatment plan and a customizable lawn care option. View our healthy lawn care services.

Natural Organic Lawn Care

Come Clean Organic Lawn Care - Clean Air Lawn CareOrganic Lawn CareThe fertilizer that we use for organic lawn care in Miami is safe and incredibly effective. When used with our mowing and watering procedures, it generates and sustains a healthy lawn that is safe for the family. View our organic lawn care and treatment programs.

Clean Solar-Powered Mowing

Emissions-Free Lawn Care - Clean Air Lawn CareSustainable Lawn Care and Clean Mowing Lawn equipment powered by gas is responsible for 5-10% of United States air pollution each year. We prevent around 23,000 lbs of pollution with our environmentally friendly fertilizer and lawn care equipment.
View our clean mowing services.